You watch the video or read the instructions below.

Feature overview

  • Customizable logo image (or use plain text)
  • Customizable favicon
  • Customizable navigation menus
  • Customizable Twitter follow button (or hide it completely)
  • Customizable MailChimp form (or hide the form completely)
  • Customizable opt-in text
  • Customizable Google Analytics code


Upload an image (200px wide by 50px high is the maximum dimensions) via Appearance > Customize > Site Identity.

Static front page

WordPress, by default, lets you to set your homepage to a static front page instead of your blog. Choose either Your latest posts or A static pageoptions to enable one of them as your home page in Appearance > Customize > Static Front Page.


Create a menu in Appearance > Customize > Menus and set the Menu Location to top.

Note, if you want the navigation to have different wording than your page titles, go to Appearance > Customize > Menus, click on the menu you’ve created and then click the down arrow for the page title you want to edit in the menu. Change the Navigation Label (this won’t change the title on the page).

Footer bits and bobs

Go to Appearance > Customize > Footer settings. From here you can add some text above the form, add your Twitter ID and add your MailChimp form action.

To get your MailChimp form action URL, log into MailChimp, and go to the list you want to add subscribers to. Then go to Signup forms > Embedded formsand copy the HTML code here:

<form action=“//;id=3f954190de” method=”post” id=”mc-embedded-subscribe-form” name=”mc-embedded-subscribe-form” class=”validate” target=”_blank” novalidate>

Select the code from your list that’s similar to what’s underlined above (note: do not use the code above, unless you want people to signup for my mailing list).

You can also hide the signup form or Twitter button by unchecking the two checkboxes.

Editor formats

Contents comes with a few special styles to add to your content arsenal. These can be found in the second row of the editor toolbar (to the left of the dropdown for Paragraph, etc).


In proper HTML code, cite defines the title of work in a quote. You can add this to your blockquote as the person’s name your quoting.

Select a words and choose Formats > Cite from the toolbar.


To make links stand out, in a large grey-bordered box, use the button format.

Select a words and choose Formats > Button from the toolbar. Then select the words in the button and add a link to them (otherwise the button won’t do anything if you click it).


Want to add smaller writing to a page or post? Tough! Just kidding, select the words and click Formats > Small from the toolbar.

This will wrap a <small> tag around the writing and make the text slightly smaller and lighter than normal paragraph text.

How to install the theme

Make sure is in an easy-to-locate place on your computer, like your desktop. The easiest way to install the theme via the theme uploader.

Log into your WordPress theme and go to Appearance > Themes > Add NewUpload Theme.

Now, click Choose file, select and click Install Now.

From here you can either Live Preview it or Activate it (which makes the theme live on your website).

Boom, you’re done.

If you want to get fancy, or if you’re a nerd, install it via FTP by extracting the zip file into /wp-content/themes/.


Although this theme does not come with support the video and content above is all you need to use and customize this theme.

That said, if you find a bug (and you’re on the latest version of WordPress AND the latest version of the theme), submit a detailed report here: